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Our current francisees are from quite different backgrounds but all wanted a complete change from their previous jobs and lifestyles.

Read about how they took their decisions to become LawnTender franchisees.

A change of direction
and continent for this
LawnTender franchisee

We arrived in the UK from Zimbabwe in 2003, suitcase in hand and having to start all over again. We are in our fifties, came from a farming background and tried our hand at various occupations before concluding in 2005 that we wanted to run our own business.

Fortunately, a friend knew of a lawn care business that was growing steadily and was offering franchise opportunites to people wanting to run their own business. This sounded like the ideal business for us as, being outdoor people, we wanted a relatively active way of life. And the initial back-up and training to get us on our feet was very appealing!

We joined LawnTender mid 2005 and after our initial training period started on our own. We are totally satisfied with the growth of our business, the systems we use and the LawnTender team that we have joined.

Keith Adams, LawnTender franchisee.

The grass really is greener
on the other side for these
previous customers

In 2007, having spent many years in the Hotel and Pub industry, we decided that it was time to make a change to our pressurised lifestyle. However, we were unsure exactly what we wanted to do when an article in a national newspaper on franchising caught our eye. This form of owning your own business was a new concept to us and we therefore decided to investigate further.

During our research we looked at various franchise opportunities in a very diverse market but were drawn to one that involved garden maintenance and lawn mowing. The idea of an outdoor lifestyle was attractive but the financial outlay seemed very high for the return anticipated. Having learnt a lot more on the fundamentals of franchises, we decided that we would just end up competing with anyone who owned a lawnmower, so abandoned the idea.

At this time, our pub beer garden was being looked after by LawnTender. Their regular treatments and services had improved the quality of the grass enormously, allowing it to take the knocks of very busy summer seasons with ease. Looking at their franchise opportunity compared to others and seeing that lawn care was differentiated from general garden maintenance, we decided that a lawn care franchise with LawnTender was the right road for us to go down.

After being accepted as franchisees, we received excellent training from LawnTender in all aspects of the business and also in the actual setting up of the franchise. The training involved many days of intensive “in the field” tuition, detailing the technical aspects of lawns and lawn care activities and equipment. It also included a three day course at a local agricultural college in order to gain the necessary qualifications and licence needed to dispense the various weed killers, fungicide and insecticides that we use.

It also involved help and advice on setting up the office, accountancy and general business administration which was thorough and invaluable. This help and support continues should any problems arise or advice needed.

Now, three years on, we are running a successful and profitable business. It’s hard work, challenging and yet very rewarding. We have developed a large and regular customer data base. However, we cannot afford to be complacent, so when time permits, it is spent leaflet dropping and attending local shows in order to promote our business and attract new customers.

Being franchisees we still have equally long days, but with greater satisfaction and less stress, plus a lifestyle in the fresh air. Taking on a LawnTender franchise was definitely a positive move for us and we would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves at a crossroads in their life.

Sue and Kevin, LawnTender franchisees.

After 30 years in
an office, a change
of direction for Rob

After 30 years of an office bound 9-5 (often 7-7) job I needed a change. I was in partnership with my brother in a family run insurance brokerage. The first 20 years were fine but the last 10… With the onset of on line insurers and the dreaded foreign call centres, life became intolerable.

But what could I turn my hand to now? I wanted to be my own boss but in what line of business? The only work experience I had was in insurance and I had no intention of continuing with the drudgery of office life.

Though not green fingered I have an interest in gardening and my passion is golf. I had been green chairman of our local golf club for two years and this (with my gardening interest) had given me the basic background knowledge of lawn care. But how could I turn this into a working model?

How do I develop a client base? Where do I obtain the correct feed and herbicides? What equipment and tools do I need to buy? These and many more were questions I asked myself but questions I didn’t have the answers too until I read an article in a Sunday newspaper on franchising. I spoke with a number of franchisors and knew that the route for me to take was with the help and support of LawnTender.

I purchased a franchise with LawnTender in 2007 and this now gives me a comfortable income that allows me to follow the lifestyle that I want. That said, the potential is there for me to expand the business to almost any level that I desire.

Without the training, IT support, marketing expertise, and product and equipment knowledge of LawnTender I might still be having that office based existence wondering what else I could turn my hand to.

Rob, LawnTender franchisee.

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